If last winter's conditions are any indication of what is ahead for us, GET READY!

Energy Saver booklets feature tips for saving energy and money at home and on the road, including home office electronics, gas mileage tips, and renewable energy options.   Help your customers and associates learn how to save energy and money, by ordering the new Energy Saver booklets today!

New News!

Thanks to our partners at NREL the long awaited new Spanish version of Energy Saver is now available. The information is the same as our new English Energy Saver, introduced during our 2014 Spring Campaign.  Both booklets have important information along with charts, illustrations, and energy saving tips. And, we're offering our remaining 2013 Spanish versions at a significant discount.

Help educate America on the importance of energy efficiency!

Saving dollars on utility bills every month can add up to substantial savings and environmental benefits.  With energy costs constantly creeping higher, saving money is on the minds of all Americans.  Now is the ideal time for you to order energy-efficiency materials.  The U.S. Department of Energy designed the Energy Savers Partnership Program to provide corporations and organizations with pre-designed, educational energy-efficiency booklets.  This Energy Savers booklet will help position your organization as an energy-efficiency expert and build stronger relationships with existing and potential customers.

Don't miss this opportunity -- Order Now!

All booklets are 44 pages and are priced at 85 cents each.  Generic (no logo) versions have a 50 booklet minimum.  Shipping is still free to a single location in the continental United States. 

We also have available the previous edition of Energy Saver Booklets in Spanish in the generic version (no imprint) for the reduced cost of 40 cents each including freight until our current inventory is depleted.

We are now required to charge sales tax.  If your organization is tax exempt, you will need to send us a copy of your tax exempt certificate before placing your order.  We will then change your status in the ordering site to tax exempt, to prevent the system from charging tax.

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